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Work Item Change Set Analyser

At the end of an iteration there are a number of questions that are asked and answered. One of these is what did we finish? Another is what are we delivering? The answers to these two questions are intrinsically linked, and should technically be the same. In the context of a TFS stored solution, using work item management as the driver for change in software this also means that all appropriate work items should be in a state indicating delivery, or closure.

How do we currently verify this?

The solution as it stands is that each change set being promoted into a delivery stream must be verified against their linked work items to ensure the details are correct. This is a manual task, involving the following of links and visual verification of state.

What does the work item change set analyser offer?

The work item change set analyser is a tool designed to interrogate all change sets currently available for merge between two branches. It uses these as a basis to obtain the work items these change sets are linked to, to verify a set of rules defined in plain English. This automates a previously manual process to ensure fast and accurate verification of all available change sets, with any issues discovered being reported back to the user.

What are the benefits?

If you are using development model in which you must account for all change being moved through the code base the analyser provides a level of insight into the actual state of change, and potentially approval for the code intending to be promoted before a formal build request is issued.

If you are using a model in which the code base is accepted as moving from good state, to good state the analyser is a useful sanity check to ensure that all code intended to be moved has had the associated work items updated to reflect the appropriate delivery status.

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